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January 3, 2011

Coming Soon: The Sleep of Puss Titter

The Sleep of Puss Titter by Anthony Ausgang

Out this month on K-Bomb Publishing: THE SLEEP OF PUSS TITTER: A Lysenkoist Life  In The Random-Word Generation by Anthony Ausgang.

In Anthony Ausgang’s mini-novel of modern-beat prose, Puss Titter and Mr. Breakwind are a married couple living their predictable lives in the provincial city of Hill Town Eye. After receiving a series of unsolicited emails promising riches beyond reason, Puss Titter anticipates that her future wealth will end her husband’s philandering, even as Mr. Breakwind plans further infidelities inspired by online offers of cheap aphrodisiac meds. Their rival pursuits set off a series  of incidents that meld the real and virtual worlds together with startling results. Sampling phrases from the multi-level marketing matrix, Anthony Ausgang’s  psyber-tropic prose heightens the surreal action in The Sleep of Puss Titter.-30-