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February 1, 2012

Five Days of Free Sex!

Okay, five days of free access to the kindle version of Cole Coonce’s Sex & Travel & Vestiges of Metallic Fragments anthology, anyway.

If you got your fingertips soiled perusing any of his essays that were published in the LA Weekly, RAZOR Magazine, LA CityBeat and elsewhere, point your Kindle to the link above.

Topics are varied: As the inside cover says; “Katrina to Antietam to Hollywood to Irwindale; be it luscious low-rent lap dancers or land speed record losers; reactionary rock stars or genocidal Confederate Generals; Death Valley meth-heads or Japanese drifters; Teutonic milfs in swimsuits or Ashcroft informants; anarchic adrenaline-addled urban bicyclists or Scientologists; from Mark E. Smith and Merle Haggard to Kathie Lee Gifford, Courtney Love and the chick from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.”

The Sex & Travel collection represents a decade of pounding the pavement in pursuit of the story. This week it is yours for the cost of any energy expended with a point-and-click.

Sex & Travel & Vestiges of Metallic Fragments by Cole Coonce

July 1, 2008

Renegade: The Lives and Tales of Mark E. Smith

Ostensibly the memoirs of The Fall‘s lead vocalist, our guess is that the writing process consisted of Mark E. Smith sitting down in a pub and spewing volumes of autobiographical vitriol to some journo with a micro-cassette recorder. Which was subsequently transcribed verbatim…

Which could’ve been any day in the life of Smith… but in this instance, he got paid.

Sample quote: “Degrees have a way of warping people — it’s not good for people to spend that amount of time at university, acting like rock stars on weekdays.” -Cole Coonce-