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January 5, 2011

Motor Trend, Manifest Destiny and the Mojave Desert

Entering Los Angeles

Cole Coonce’s collection of literary journalism—Sex & Travel & Vestiges of Metallic Fragments—is cited here in Motor Trend, replete with a piquant quote from the author! When asked about the intrinsic role of the automobile in post-Eisenhower California, Coonce was quoted thusly:

“California is where manifest destiny finally ran out of real estate. With nowhere else to go, the SoCal surfers and car guys motored up and down Pacific Coast Highway until that got old, and then they doubled back and ping-ponged between the beach and the Mojave Desert. Luckily, after the mother of all government stimulus projects — WW II — there was enough surplus cash, metal and cheap gas to facilitate these guys exploring and absorbing the amber, sun-drenched terrain. Southern California then was heaven on earth—and the hot rods were the angel’s wings.”

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Sex & Travel & Vestiges of Metallic Fragments, The Cole Coonce Reader Vol. 1